We offer FBA prep services to sellers selling in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. We can prep and forward to any of these countries from the UK via UPS (Amazon’s European Partner Carrier)

Receive and inspect

After we receive your items , we will inspect and document the contents. We will let you know of any damages or any other issues regarding the shipment so you can act asap.

Process the shipment

We will process the products accordingly to amazon requirements. We can also bundle the items , remove any unwanted stickers , bubble wrap or repack.

Pack and dispatch to Amazon

We will carefully pack your goods and arrange for courier pick up.
With our very short turnaround time will have your goods on route to Amazon in no time.

Professional Photoshoot Package

We're the only prep service in UK that can provide you with the professional looking photos of your product. From as little as £25 / €28 / $30 per SKU you can have your private label item stand out. You will get a high resolution photos ready to be listed on Amazon. If you're a fashion seller we can provide a ghost manequin photos or introduce you to our male and female models.

Afordable storage for your returns

We offer a afordable storage for your returns up to 1 cubic meter. We can repack your items and send them back to amazon or wait and send you a box full of returns to your location. This might be a very good option for international sellers without a UK address.

2D Workflow

We can work on your shipments using software called 2D Workflow.
The 1st software to optimize FBA shipping & prep, manage your warehouse, and save time & money.

Since 2018

Why Us?

  • 10000+ successfully processed FBA and 3PL (Third Party Logisticsshipments
  • 6 years experience dealing with domestic and international logistics companies
  • Great FBA policy understanding
  • Professional inventory management
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Price match guarantee !